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textile designer

One designer/ Sylvia Horvath - Horváth Szilvia

Key words/ Imagination, Creativity, Material, Shape, Surface area, Square


Objectives/ Intimate environment makeovers, Researching material-form-space interplay, Connecting various design sectors, The visual formation of style 


Skills/ Art direction, Fashion, interior, textile and object design, Trend forecasts, Teaching, Fashion show               organisation


Clients/ Hermes, Les Galeries Lafayette, Le Bon Marché, Nelly Rodi, Bo, Esteban, Home Autour du monde...(France), Roche Bobois (Israel), Vega, Mxykplyzyk, Move lab..(USA), Tomorrowland Co. LTD., Ca casadecor.. (Japan), Room Service(Grece), Fick&Co. Interior (Denmark), Al Manzool( Arab Emirates).....

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